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Buy a Home that Fits Your Needs

Unlike most Realtors, Fischer Real Estate is focused on helping our clients have the best home ownership experience possible. And that starts with making sure you buy a home that fits both your needs and your financial capacity. Over-buying and under-buying can be equally detrimental. We’ll help you figure out what that means for you.


A buyer in today’s market has a lot of advantages. Extremely low interest rates mean that your Buying Power is at an all-time high. We describe Buying Power as the amount of money you could borrow with a $1000 monthly principal and interest payment. In August 2004, $1000 of principal and interest would allow you to borrow $170,986. In August 2016, that same $1000 supported a loan of $223,250 or 30.5% more.


It’s not every day that you buy a home… but it is for us. We provide the perspective and guidance that you need as you write some pretty big checks. Our negotiating skills will help maximize your investment on the front end which is where the real money is made. And we’ll manage each step of the process explaining what you can expect.


In a marketplace where buyers compete weekly for a limited number of properties and Buyers’ Markets and Sellers’ Markets exist side by side, understanding the impact of supply and demand and structuring a deal that optimizes your position starts with a meeting with Fischer Real Estate. Call us today for a preliminary discussion about market conditions and how best to prepare yourself.

Utilities and Local Services

Here’s a list of local utility companies and home services that will help you get started in your new home.

Buyer Resource List

Resource list to help you own your home better!